You put a great deal of work into gathering the most relevant decision-makers and trendsetters in your field under the same roof. Why let your attendees mingle around when you can give them the right tool for targeted networking?

Either they are looking for professionals from a certain field, or they have a specific person whom they want to meet, your attendees now have a proper instrument to search and get in touch with each other.

The features that MEET your every need

Attendee profile

Each of your attendees will have a personalized profile with picture, description & other individual info, as well as custom interests

Message center

Enables chatting between attendees to help them make the best out of your event

Attendee discovery

Each attendee will receive custom networking suggestions based on their own preferences

Event Agenda

Personalized agenda based on your own event type and structure, that fits every need, from one single day and track per day to multiple days and tracks

Speakers Lineup

Showcase your amazing lineup of speakers and encourage them to exchange ideas and connect to others directly

Partners Perks

Show your gratitude towards the companies who are supporting your event by offering them in-app exposure and visibility


Give your attendees directions to your venue location and on site navigation directly from within the app

Push notifications

Either there is a big speaker coming up next or you have a delay in your schedule, let everyone know instantly

CMS integration

An easy way to fill in and update all the event info

… and many more!


Targeted networking

While setting up their profiles, attendees will also set up their preferences for people to MEET and will receive custom suggestions

All event information in one place

Everything your attendees need to know about the event within an arm’s reach

Full personalization

We offer personalized graphic design based on your own event type and visual identity

Full customer support

You have our full attention before and during your event so that everything is taken care of in no time

Natively developed

Each platform is natively developed and the navigation inside the app is super sleek and fast

Ticketing solution integration

No matter who your ticket provider is, we can find a solution to easily integrate with it

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